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  父母の会便り    2011年10月号

PTA News Letter (please scroll down for English)



今年度父母の会会長をさせて頂きますデービス美紀です。もも組から通って来た長女も今や2年生、2つ下の長男がとうとう「さくら」で、こどもの家には早く も通い始めて5年目です。子育てに四苦八苦してきたこの間、どんなに園でできた友人関係に支えられて来たかわかりません。そのことに感謝する意味も込め、 精一杯1年間、微力ながらも父母の会メンバーのみなさまの代表としてがんばっていきたいと思っています。ぜひ、お互い支え合いながら、楽しみながら、たま には愚痴を言い合って発散し合いながら支え合う1年 にできたら嬉しいです。沢山のご支援の声に心より感謝しつつ。。。


こどもの家ではファンドレイジングを一年を通し行います。下記はその一環です。 是非ご協力ください!

レシートは靴箱近くの指定箱に入れてください。 レシートは6ヶ月有効です。

Office Depot: こどもの家はOffice Depot のCash backプログラムに参加しており、皆様の購入額の総計が各3ヶ月ごとに200ドルを超えるとその5%がこどもの家に寄付されるシステムとなっています。 ご購入の際に番号をキャッシャーに伝えて下さい。 ID# 70207387

e-Scrip Online Mall:


VONS/Pavilions 及び Ralphsでお買い物なさる際にショッピング・カードをお使いになる方は寄付(Community Donation)先を(オンラインで)「こどもの家」と指定していただければ、お支払い金額の特定のパーセンテージが園に還元されます。


*放課後又は授業時間前に子供が園で遊んでいる場合、先生方の準備、後片付けの邪魔にならないよう(先生   方に子供の相手をさせないように)親の監視下でお願いします。使ったおもちゃの片付けも、お忘れなく!
*Elm Streetの駐車はやめましょう。

Parents Association News

October 2011

The first ever "KNI Orientation Meeting" was held on 9/10/2011 (Sat). Ms Umehata (Director) spoke about the school history, school policy, and introduction to Saturday Japanese Classes which were very interesting and valuable to all of us. From the First United Methodist Church of San Gabriel, Paster Tom joined the meeting and welcomed the new students. Parents Association Committee Members were also approved by the attendees.

From the President

My name is Miki Davis, and I will be taking on the role as the new president of the Parents Association. My daughter who had started coming to KNI with Momo class is now a 2nd grader, and my son who is 2 years younger than her is now attending Sakura, which means this is our 5th year at KNI. We could not have made it through those years without the support from all the friends we made at KNI. In order to give back to all the people who have helped us through the years, I will try my best to work as the president. I hope that we will all get through this year by helping each other and having a lot of fun. Thank you for all the love and support...


We have various fundraising programs throughout the year. These are the few examples. Please participate in our fundraising whenever you can!

*Marukai* Please save your Marukai receipts (original only) and deposit them in the designated box near the shoe box. 2% of the total sales will be donated to KNI. Receipts are valid for 6 months.

*Office Depot* As part of the Cash Back Program at Office Depot, KNI gets 5% of the total sales as the sales exceeds $200 per 3 months period. Please mention our ID number when you pay. ID# 70207387

*e-scrip Online Mall* When you shop online through a link on KNI website, 3-10% of your purchase will be contributed to KNI automatically. You can access this fundraising program through the KNI website.

*Registering Supermaket Shopping Cards* When you shop at VONS/Pavillions or Ralphs using the shopping card, designate Kodomo No Ie as the Community Donation (online) and certain percentage of the total sales will be donated to us.


- Please leave the school by the designated time for your child's class;
Kiku, Ume class 4:00pm
Sakura class 5:15pm
- Please supervise your child in the school yard before / after class. Teachers will not be able to supervise children before / after-class since they are preparing for class or finishing other work. If your child uses toys at school, please make sure to put them away before you leave.
- Kodomo no Ie will not be responsible for any injury caused inside the school facility before / after class hour.
- Drinking and eating is not allowed in the school yard.
- If your child plays with the bunnies at school before / after class, please supervise your child and teach him/her how to handle them gently.
- Please do not leave your bag or other valuables in your car. There have been car break-ins in the past.
- Please park your car in the designated parking lot; refrain from parking on Elm Street. Any cars parked near the entrance to the school facility on Elm street might block the view for the children as well as drivers on the street, which might lead to an accident.
- For those who need to post in the Parents Association page on the school's monthly newsletter, please contact Mrs. Otoguro (mamomamochan@hotmail.com) no later than 20th of the month.


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